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Falkenstein, Germany


With only 3 easy steps

In short, this is what the process entails

Connect your wallet
This can be your Ledger hardware wallet or one of the Casper software wallets. We have a partnership with Casper Dash
Delegate to Casper Lads
Just type "lads" and you will find us quickly in any of the drop down lists. We are easy to find in the Casper Dash wallet.
Start earning CSPR
Enjoy seeing your CSPR tokens multiply! Rewards are paid every 2 hours and are automatically compounded.


Delegate your Casper tokens on CSPR.LIVE

Earn 10.5% interest

How to stake - Official CSPR guide
CSPR Staking - Youtube video guide
Stake with us @ Casper Lads !

It can all look daunting at the start, but when you have done it once, you will see how smooth and straightforward Casper staking can be!

Stake with us @ Casper Lads

Fees and rewards

Fees and reward details

We charge among the lowest fees in the field (Fees of 5 to 10% are more common)

Only 3% fees!

These fees are meant to cover the costs of running the validator node. With the current CSPR price levels we are far from that, but we are sure this will change in the near future!

  • Only 3% of your rewards go to us
  • 97% of the rewards are for you!
  • Staking transaction costs only 0.20 CSPR
  • Staking is nearly immediate, rewards paid every 2 hours
  • Unstaking takes roughly 14 hours
Stake now